About Men's Ministry

One doesn’t have to look too far to realize that manhood is in a state of confusion. Men are easily stumped when it comes to dealing with honest questions like, “When does a boy become a man?” or “How do you define ‘manhood’?” At Grace, we seek to create environments where men grow in their understanding of God’s inspiring, challenging, fulfilling design for manhood—at home, at work and in community. The knowledge gained and relationships developed will become invaluable. To learn more about our Men's Ministry, contact Pastor Kelly.


We seek to grow together as we study God's Word and apply it to our lives. One way we accomplish this is through our Men's Fraternity studies. This series is designed by Dr. Robert Lewis to give men a clear, working definition of manhood while coming to grips with their own broken view of what a man is. 


Wednesday mornings @ 6 am

Studying A Man and His Story

We're examining the influences, both positive and negative, on our concept of manhood. Many guys are either running from or trying to compensate for painful experiences in their past. Until we "lift the manhole cover on our hearts" and look within, we face the very real danger of our past adversely affecting our relationships and sense of mission in life.


Wednesday evenings @ 6:45pm

Studying A Man and His Fatherhood

By God's good design, our greatest realm of influence is in the home. Yet many of us grew up with absent fathers, whether physically or emotionally . How do we avoid the easy default mode of passivity and avoidance of stepping into arenas where we have to admit, "I don't know what to do?" 


We seek to share the love of Christ with others. One way we accomplish this is at our annual Father/Son Camping Trip. This event is looked forward to with great anticipation by our members and their unbelieving friends. The trip is an overnight event in late September designed to create meaningful interaction between fathers and their sons.